The Steiner Family



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About our Farm

Who we are

Bayview farm is owned and operated by Stefan and Gail Steiner, with our three children, Meghan, Matthew and Devin. Stefan, who grew up on a dairy farm in Switzerland, moved with his family to Quebec, Canada in 1981 to continue their dairy business. Gail comes from the small town of Buckingham, Quebec and has learned to farm since 1993.

Bayview Farm is an Angus Beef Farm which is located in the western Quebec area of Lochaber (Thurso). We have been farming for more than 20 years. We started with 10 cows with which we built a herd and are still continuing to grow. We are a family operated farm, which raises cattle naturally. The calves are born and raised on the farm with grass, corn, barley and hay which we grow in our fields. The cattle never receive hormones or antibiotics, there is time to grow as nature intended. Flavor and tenderness is then further enhanced by a 21 day aging process. Quality takes time and cannot be rushed

Direct from our farm to your plate

When you buy beef directly from the farm, you know exactly where your food comes from, and how it’s treated on the way from the fields to your plate. With increasing concerns being raised over food safety, farm-direct food sourcing is becoming a growing trend. We feel that if you know your farmer, you can trust the way your food is raised and prepared. Plus, when you buy locally-grown food it’s a great way to help the environment. The less distance it has to cover to get to you, the less fuel gets burned, and the less carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere. By supporting local farmers you are doing something proactive about preserving sustainable farming and we thank you for your support.

Stewards of the land

Winners of the 2006 Gold SME Award and 2007 Award for Exceptional Contribution

In 2006, the National Bank of Canada awarded us for our exceptional performance in innovation and respect for the environment in the Agriculture category of small and medium enterprises.

Because of our work along side Ducks Unlimited Canada over the past several years, we strengthened our respect for the environment, leading to the above-mentioned award in 2007, for our contribution in helping conserve and preserve wetlands for Ducks Unlimited Canada. We believe that wetlands play a vital role in the health of the watersheds and are critical to the well-being of our environment.

Other work we are doing along side Ducks Unlimited Canada is to fence out all watercourses from cattle, and reseeding natural grass for sustainable pastures. We look forward to continued success in this joint effort for greener pastures.