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Aged for tenderness

Aging is an important process, in which natural enzymes break down the tough collagen between muscle cells. The moisture content of the meat also gets reduced, which concentrates the flavor.

Immediately after cutting, your beef is fresh-frozen. This keeps it safe from bacteria, and because beef freezes so well, losing none of its flavor and texture, you get the convenience of being able to enjoy it at any time. Our meat is vacuum sealed which is easy to handle, and no mess to thaw.

At Bayview farm we’re always delighted to get to know our customers, and we’ll be happy to show you around our farm, with an appointment. We want you to see how much care and love we give our cattle, so you can trust the quality of the beef you’re eating!

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Family box freezer specials

FREEZER BEEF 25lbs for $250

  • 12 /pks ground beef
  • 2 Roast
  • 2 T-Bone or Rib Steak
  • 4 grilling interior
  • 4 stewing cubes
  • 1 steak sirloin

This box makes 20 meals for a Family of 4

FREEZER BEEF 40 lbs for $360

  • 20 /pks ground beef
  • 2 Roast
  • 4T-Bone or Rib Steak
  • 6 grilling interior
  • 6 stewing cubes
  • 2 sirloin steak


½ portions of beef $6.00.lbs


Thursday-Saturday: 9am-6pm
You can also order by phone or email

Antibiotic, hormone free no GMO
All prices are subject to change without notice.

ground beef
stewing cubes
blade roast with bone
shoulder roast
grain chicken
sirloin steak
minute steak
rib eye steak
grilling interior
rib steak
Strip loin
Maple Syrup

Price list

SIRLOIN STEAK $33.47/kg 15.18lbs
SIRLOIN PTE $27.27/kg 12.37/lbs
GRILLING INTERIOR $27.27/kg 12.37/lbs
TENDERLOIN $70.00/kg 31.75/lbs
RIB EYE $41.99/kg 19.05/lbs
BIFTECK ALOYAU (T-BONE) $43.39/kg 19.68/lbs
RIB STEAK $35.99/kg 16.32/lbs
STRIP LOIN $43.39/kg 19.05/lbs
SHOULD ROAST $19.83/kg 9.00/lbs
ROTI FRANÇAIS/EXTERIEUR $22.31/kg 10.12/lbs
STEWING BEEF $19.83/kg 9.00/lbs
STEWERS $30.99/kg 14.06/lbs
GROUND BEEF $14.84/kg 6.73/lbs
FLANK/BRISKET $35.95/kg 16.31/lbs
FONDUE $30.99/kg 14.06/lbs
SOUP BONES $6.19/kg 2.80/lbs
BEEF SHANK $12.12/kg 5.50/lbs
OXTAIL $12.12/kg 5.50/lbs
SCALLOPINI $23.04/kg 10.45/lbs
BEEF LIVER $6.19/kg 2.80/lbs
SAUSAGES PORK & BEEF $23.14/kg 10.50/lbs
CHICKEN $8.26/kg 3.75/lbs
BEEF PATTIES $16.31/kg 7.40/lbs
BEEF BRISKET $22.04/kg 9.99/lbs

How can you purchase?

So how can you purchase some of our delicious natural beef? Come and visit us we are only 45 minutes from Ottawa/Gatineau. CALL TODAY or email us at or at

You may also purchase our products at:

Bayview Farm
332 Route 148
Lochaber, QC
(819) 985-0421

Business Hours:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 9am to 6pm.
During our closed hours, please phone to set up a time at your convenience to shop at our farm store or have your order delivered.

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